Infrared Sauna in Cedar Wood 2 places Pandora

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Infrared sauna in Cedar Wood 2 places Pandora.
Pandora indoor sauna combines the benefits of infrared sauna and chromotherapy.

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Infrared Sauna in Cedar Wood 2 Places Pandora.
The Pandora indoor infrared sauna combines the benefits of the sauna and those of the Chromotherapy, a practice of using the properties of colors to influence the physical and moral. It includes four transmitters in carbon and as many emitters in ceramics, thus ensuring a uniform diffusion of the heat produced (up to 70° C), and a luminaire responsible for illuminating the cabin in soothing colors. 
Inside the cabin, you will be able to choose the tone of the colorful lighting according to your mood to adapt the atmosphere. Each color affects our psyche and has a significant effect on our body energy. For example, yellow activates us, green harmonizes us, orange evokes a sense of security and joy, white recharges energy, blue soothes, purple helps fight insomnia and red relieves depression. 
In addition, the arrangement of the ceiling lighting with 12 LEDs evokes a luxurious starry sky effect.

Designed to accommodate two people, this Pandora indoor infrared sauna cabin is 1.30m wide by 1.05m deep. It is made of cedar, a wood with excellent qualities in terms of thermal insulation. Its control panel is located inside the cabin, so you can easily adjust the temperature without interrupting your session when leaving the sauna. Also noteworthy is the presence of an audio player to enhance your moment of relaxation with some musical notes.

The Pandora model offers the possibility of independently controlling individual heating circuits. Thus, thermal radiation comes from all directions to the exact extent that is suitable.
Cedar wood from Canada's forests brings calm and balance. Cedar wood has great thermal insulation properties, a pleasant smell and, in addition, it brings a really healthy environment to the home. It helps maintain optimal humidity and also protects it from microorganisms.

Thanks to infrared technology, the panels in ceramics reach the interior temperature of the cabin faster than all types of infrared heaters. They consist of silica glass tubes, which, in addition to intense radiant heat, also emit light, which enhances all the beneficial therapeutic effects. The service life in normal use is approximately 8,000 hours of operation.
The distribution of infrared rays is the most uniform and efficient for radiators in the carbon . They are made of thin strips of carbon. They have a lifespan of up to 12,000 hours of normal operation (sauna 3 times a week for 45 minutes). The floor radiator pleasantly heats the feet. It is located under a wooden lid, so it does not interfere with the sleek design of the whole.

General features of the Pandora 2-seater infrared sauna.
Cedar wood structure
4 carbon emitters and 4 ceramic emitters
Capacity: 2 places
Lighting: on the ceiling (starry sky effect) and on the back wall (indirect)
Large panoramic glass surface
Secure glass door 5 mm
Wood interior and stainless steel exterior handles
External dimensions: L 130 x D 105 x H 190 cm
Cabin Material :Cedar wood structure of Canada .
Cabin capacity: 2 seats
Seat: 1 bench seat over the entire width of the cabin
Handles: in interior wood and exterior stainless steel
Adjustable temperature: up to 70°C
temperature control panel up to 70°C
Temperature sensor
Electric Warranty: 2 years
Power: 2.1kW
Power supply: Single phase 230V / 50v / Hz
Weight: 200kg

The infrared sauna uses technology that has long been recognized for its health and relaxation benefits. Its emitters emit infrared rays (completely harmless) that warm the skin in the same way as the sun's rays (but without the dangerous UV rays). The infrared sauna is very easy to use and install. Unlike the traditional steam sauna, it does not heat the entire cabin but directly the body, which avoids causing a feeling of suffocation in some people. Infrared heat allows significant sweating and complete relaxation of the body and mind. The benefits of the sauna are numerous: stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles and calms painful joints, increases immune defenses, eliminates toxins, facilitates sleep, etc.

Discover our wide range of infrared saunas for sale of different woods (spruce, red cedar, abachi) and infrared technologies (carbon emitters or quartz and magnesium for a full spectrum).

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