Hemlok Wood Infrared Sauna 1 Ruby Place

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Hemlok Wood Infrared Sauna 1 Ruby Place.
The Ruby Indoor Sauna combines the benefits of infrared sauna with those of chromotherapy.

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Hemlok Wood Infrared Sauna 1 Ruby Place.
The Ruby infrared sauna is well equipped. It incorporates six carbon emitters, an eroniseur, a chromotherapy and even a radio/MP3 player. Small in size, this 90 x 105 cm wooden cabin sauna will allow you to enjoy the virtues of the sauna in your home.

The Ruby 1 indoor sauna place is equipped with six infrared carbon emitters whose radiation can produce heat, as the sun would. These transmitters emit mild heat evenly, which is ideal for the elderly or overweight, among others. The infrared carbon emitter is also energy efficient.
This indoor sauna cabin measures 90 x 105 cm, and is 1.86 m high. It is designed in Hemlock, a wood that has interesting properties in terms of thermal insulation. Very well equipped, this sauna is a temperature control panel (60 degrees Celsius max.), an eroniseur responsible for purifying the air and a chromotherapy. Through the use of lights and colors (each color would have specific properties and effects), chromotherapy can influence your physical and moral state. 

The Ruby 1 indoor sauna place allows you to enjoy an ideal moment of relaxation, as evidenced by the radio/MP3 player and the beverage holder that the cabin incorporates. The temperature control panel is also located inside, allowing you to adjust your session settings at any time without having to leave the cabin. Note that the whole thing has an electricity consumption of 1.3 kW and that this sauna will run on 230 V.
Inside the cabin, you can choose the tone of the coloured lighting according to your mood to adapt the atmosphere. Each color affects our psyche and has a significant effect on our body energy. For example, yellow activates us, green harmonizes us, orange evokes a feeling of security and joy, white recharges energy, blue soothes, purple helps fight insomnia and red relieves depression. 

Using infrared technology,The distribution of infrared rays is the most uniform and efficient for radiators in the carbon . They are made up of thin strips of carbon. They have a lifespan of up to 12,000 hours of operation and will last up to 90 years in normal operation (sauna 3 times a week for 45 minutes). The radiator on the ground heats the feet nicely. It is located under a wooden lid, so it does not interfere with the sleek design of the whole.

General features of the Ruby 1-seat infrared sauna.
Hemlock wooden structure
6 carbon emitters
Capacity: 1 place
Lighting: interior and exterior LED
Large panoramic glass surface
5mm secure glass door
Wooden interior handles and wooden exterior
Outdoor dimensions: L 90 x P 105 x H 186 cm
Cabin Material:Canada Hemlock Wooden Structure .
Cabin capacity: 1 seat
Seat: 1 seat across the width of the cabin
Handles: indoor and outdoor wood
Adjustable temperature: up to 70oC
temperature control panel up to 70oC
Temperature sensor
Electric warranty: 2 years
Power: Monophasée 230V / Hz
200kg warranty

the infrared sauna uses technology that has long been recognized for its health and relaxation benefits. Its transmitters emit infrared rays (completely harmless) that warm the skin in the same way as the sun's rays (but without the dangerous UV rays). The infrared sauna is very easy to use and install. Unlike the traditional steam sauna, it does not heat the entire cabin but directly the body, which avoids causing a choking sensation in some people. Infrared heat allows for significant sweating and complete relaxation of the body and mind. The benefits of the sauna are numerous: stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles and calms painful joints, increases immune defenses, eliminates toxins, facilitates sleep, etc.

Discover our wide range of infrared saunas for sale of different woods (spice, red cedar, abachi) and infrared technologies (carbon or quartz and magnesium transmitters for a full spectrum).

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