Spa Intex Carbon Bubbles and Jets 6 Places Pure Spa

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Spa Intex Carbon Bubbles and Jets 6 Places Pure Spa.
A high-end model, the Inflatable Intex Pure Spa Carbon Bubbles and 6-seater jets has a spacious octagonal shape.

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Spa Intex Carbon Bubbles and Jets 6 Places Pure Spa.
A high-end model, the Inflatable Intex Pure Spa Carbon Bubbles and 6-seater jets has a spacious octagonal shape. It is a wellness space at the heart of your home.

-Version 2020: new technical block with removable and waterproof touch tablet
-Automatic chlorine-free salt treatment: built-in electrolysis
-4 hydromassage nozzles with triple orientable jets - 2 single-jet nozzles
-3-year warranty: official partner Intex

Spa Intex Pure Spa Carbon bubbles and 6-seater jets
Hydromassage buses - Bubbles - Integrated Ecosterizer

The inflatable spa IntexPureSpa Carbone 6 places incorporates the latest innovations brand in the service of your well-being. Hydromassage nozzles now have triple orientable jets to allow you to target an area for relaxation, and they are complemented by easy-to-guide jet nozzles so you can find the hydromassage that suits you. The kit is complemented by Head restraintsinflatable as well as 140 bubble diffusers, to ensure a moment of relaxation and relaxation.

The waterproof touch tablet provided allows you to control the essential functions of the spa without leaving it but also to enjoy a Delayed programming for triggering and heating time so that, for example, the spa is at the desired temperature when you get home. In terms of water treatment, you will be able to use integrated salt eco-sterilizer which allows water disinfection by limiting the addition of chemical treatments, it is a healthier and more environmentally friendly treatment. The sleek design, contemporary colours and high-end finish make the Intex Carbone Bubbles and Jets inflatable spa a premium equipment accessible to all.

What's new 2020: Technical Block Improvement - Waterproof Touch Tablet
In 2020, Intex is improving the entire Pure Spa range for more performance. The Carbone spa features a new, more modern, compact and design-designed technical block developed to be performance, practical and quiet.

Featuring a removable and waterproof touchscreen tablet, an intelligently placed stand on the edge of the spa's structure will allow you to secure and keep it available to maintain easy access to essential functions without leaving your spa.

The touch tablet of the Carbon bubbles and 6-seater jets control all the functions of the spas, namely:
-Temperature adjustment up to 40oC
-Delayed heating schedule (departure and duration)
-Broadcast of hot air bubbles
-Guided hydromassant jets

More efficient and design
-140 bubble diffusers
-4 three-jet nozzles - 2 single-jet nozzles
-Integrated salt ecosterizer (no chemical/more natural treatment)
-Filter included flow: 1.7 m3/h
-Air and bubble pump: 700 W
-Heating: 2200 W
-Security: Hangs at 40oC
-Overpressure valve: anti-inflating safety
-Integrated electromagnetic anti-tartar system
-Fast ascent in T-C: 1 to 2 degrees Celsius/h
-Triple-thick laminated vinyl
-Capacity: 1098 litres

More comfortable
-Includes 3 cartridges
-Includes 2 headrests
-3-year warranty as a certified partner
-Inflator / deflor, filtration and diffuser with bubbles and hot air jets
-Very comfortable thanks to its foam bottom
Protected filtration
-Exterior/indoor diameter: 218 / 168 cm
-Exterior/inner diameter in inches: 85.82 x 66.14"
-Height: 71 cm
-Height in inches: 27.95"
-Clean design

Facilities to serve your serenity
The Intex Carbon Bubbles and Jets Spa displays The highest level of equipment Pure Spa Intex range: comfort and relaxation are at the heart of its development. It incorporates the new, more compact technical block design, a waterproof touch control tablet, an overpressure valve that provides Extra security against over-inflating, an electromagnetic anti-tartar system, premium equipment and even a salt treatment system more natural than the usual chlorine treatments.

The soft bottom of this spa provides a soft welcome much more pleasant than a hard floor. A shell protects the filtration cartridge and thus avoids contact with dirt that settles there while maintaining an impeccable design. None of the electrical and heating elements is in direct contact with the water, which protects the user. In addition, the temperature automatically hangs at 40oC for total serenity

FiberTech structure: strong, lightweight and comfortable
The structure of this new generation of spa is designed to include Fibertech technology patented by Intex. Thousands of high-quality polyester fibers strengthen the structure to become stronger and the walls do not deform. The result is an ultra-strong structure on which you can even sit as it is rigid: a major asset for an inflatable spa that gives it a clear lead over the competition.

Integrated salt ecoserilizer for a more natural treatment
The salt treatment is more natural and less irritating chlorine disinfection. The PureSpa carbon spa manufactured by Intex has a built-in salt electrolyser that can turn the salt in the water into a disinfectant, so you won't have to no need to add chlorine microbeads to treat your spa's water.

Its use is optional and will be possible after the addition of pool salt (not supplied) with a recommended rate between 2 and 3 grams per litre of water. You will no longer need to add salt unless there is a significant water loss or after the spa is drained.

Guarantee: 3 years Official Partner Intex.
Several choices and versions available on request.

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